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Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) fly rods are some of our favorites at Yagers Fly Shop. The TFO Axiom and TFO TiCr X are amazing rods for the advanced caster, looking for finesse and distance at the same time. Both of these TFO fly rods are built like no other with Lefty’s input on design and quality, offering you the best fly rod for the best price. The TFO Axiom and TFO TiCrX perform like rods that cost twice as much, but are affordable and a fly rod you’ll love to take to the water and really fish.

The TFO TiCr is a prime example of taking advice from the pros and the average fly fisher to create a great casting, tight loop, easy to control fly rod. The TFO TiCr fly rod is probably one of our local favorites for Kansas warmwater fishing and those occasional trips to the White River or the Rockies.

"Temple Fork Outfitters' ( TFO ) rods are what fly fishermen have been looking for...a fine piece of equipment at an attractive price. I believe the TiCr models will satisfy even the most exacting fisherman." Lefty Kreh

Lefty has been a dream come true for the Temple Fork team. His passion, limitless energy, and desire to raise the standard of TFO fly rod performance has been amazing. Lefty Kreh knows that fly fishing is not an elitist sport, that affordable high performance fly rods are what fly fishers have been looking for, and that those who want to get started need rods that will be cherished and perform for life.

TFO's NO-FAULT WARRANTY on all their rods is for the life of the original registered owner. Send your registration card with each purchase to TFO and they will activate your warranty. Simply return a damaged rod with $25 for shipping & handling to TFO, and they will repair or replace your rod.

Temple Fork Outfitters Professional II

Temple Fork Outfitters Professional II


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